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"Thanks to ReNova, I have a brand new life" -Jeff H. Bank Director

Searching For Help

When people reach out for help to an alcohol rehab or drug rehab facility, they often don't really know what to expect. Doing so at times in which they are often overwhelmed and stressed, they only know one thing for certain, they want the pain to stop. 

Coming to the realization that help is needed, they usually want alcoholism treatment options or options for ways to deal with drug abuse. The Shore Recovery Counseling can provide them with more than one choice in either case. The Shore was founded by Michael O'Neal, LCDC-ADC III, who has served as the director of 4 different drug addiction treatment centers in his life long career mission of bringing hope and healing.  

Did you know that one of the most commonly searched phrases in looking for help is 'Substance Abuse Therapist Near Me' or, 'Alcohol Counseling Near Me' ? That's because people are becoming aware that new methods, providing for better alcoholism treatment options/drug abuse treatment options, often make the need to enter an inpatient drug addiction treatment center obsolete in today's world.


These new methods save thousands of dollars, prevent disruption to work and life routines, and provide for a more certain outcome to recovery.  

Even when formal treatment centers are sought out the most common phrases used to search for them is 'Holistic Treatment Centers' and 'Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me' clearly implying that people don't want the same old 12 step treatment options of the past that result in far more relapse than recovery. And they don't want to travel thousands of miles from their loved ones and responsibilities to get well. 

But what happens when that crisis passes? That is the greater question. If the right kind of help is found, the answer can be good. The crisis can be the touchstone of growth into a better life. 

If no help is found, or if there is a mismatch between the help sought and the need of the seeker, then another crisis down the road is almost always inevitable. 

That is why The Shore Recovery Counseling does three things: 


1st is policy, that one time per day is set aside for emergency visits. When someone needs to be seen it should be done as soon as possible. 

2nd is that the initial visit is always free of charge and is one hour long to help evaluate the situation. As that is occurring,  another vital component can be determined. Is there a sense of rapport between the potential client and the helper? Because without that, little real value will come of the work to get recovery.

3rd is that if The Shore isn't the right fit, referral to other resources is always provided with careful attention to the most likely successful resource. 

The Shore wants to make sure your search is met with the most immediate and best help for you.

Michael O'Neal, LCDC