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 The Shore Recovery Counseling. Founded by Michael O'Neal, LCDC-ADC III a licensed, Substance Abuse Counselor & former director of: DayRise Recovery, The Cottege Inc. & AIC Treatment Centers


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At The Shore-Recovery Counseling you will find understanding, help and the skills you need to make the transition into your new life possible. Methods that are better than those used in many conventional alcoholism treatment programs mean better outcomes. Commitment to your care and recovery is the # 1 priority. Care plans developed with you by a licensed substance abuse counselor are individualized to your needs and the preferences that fit you. Ongoing support for as long as needed is always provided. 

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If you were searching with the term "Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor near me" then The Shore Recovery Counseling office is ideally & discreetly located near the intersection of Custer and Parker in the Custer Office Park at 3401 Custer Rd. suite 164 in Plano Texas, 75023, With quick access via US 75 North and the toll roads of George Bush and North Dallas Toll Road we serve Plano TX. Allen TX. Richardson TX. McKinney TX. and the greater N. Dallas Metroplex.


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Substance abuse and addiction wont go away on their own.

At The Shore-Recovery Counseling getting help is your second chance at a new and better life.

The ReNova Method has far better outcomes than than standard alcoholism treatment programs or drug rehabs

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"Alcoholic No More" The ReNova Method

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By Michael O'Neal, LCDC-ADC III-Soon to be published  by Simon & Schuster 

Alcohol Rehab That Works

All of us have seen and read about it more often that we can recall. A celebrity walking out of alcohol rehab (again) and heading straight for the nearest bar. But, celebrities aren't the only ones who leave an alcohol treatment program and are drunk (or high) again within hours. Alcoholism treatment programs fail far more people than they help. Why, after all of the time, expense and suffering endured in rehab does this happen again and again?

The answer is as simple and obvious as it is sad. Standard alcoholism treatment programs/drug rehabs treat only half the problem. Decades ago research scientists established that alcoholism and drug problems were a complex interplay between psychology and biology. But, except for 'detox' almost all addiction treatment centers ignore the biological underpinnings of addiction; except to tell their patients about it. And the fact is that there are tools that have been available to help (medications, neuro-therapies, & natural compounds) for decades. Tools that these very same alcoholism treatment programs and addiction treatment centers fail to use, or even explain to most patients in favor of methods developed in the early mid-20th century.

There is an old saying in recovery circles "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again... expecting a different result."

Before founding The Shore Recovery Counseling I served as the director of 3 different treatment facilities. At each one I added more and more research based approaches to the curriculums of the programs. Things most other treatment programs ignored in favor of 12 step AA based recovery. With every addition, recovery rates improved. 

You don't have to be trapped in addiction to alcohol/alcohol and drugs. And you don't have to be trapped in the insanity of paying thousands of dollars again and again for treatment that fails most that try it.  Find out more about what really works here.


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