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The Shore Recovery Counseling's proprietary services provide a truly individualized addiction recovery experience with options. Many people need and want discretion and real attention to their reasons a substance problem developed. That's something no group setting in an addiction treatment center will ever be able to provide. 

Whether you are a busy executive, a professional, an athlete, someone involved in community or religious affairs, a college student, or a homemaker, protecting your reputation can be vital.  Misunderstanding about addiction can unfairly ruin careers and opportunities. And in the era of Covid 19, one on one is a proven safer approach.

Recovery services for alcoholism or drug rehab at The Shore are  provided by a compassionate and leading expert in the addiction recovery field, Michael O'Neal,  a Board Certified Diplomate In Alcohol & Drug Counseling who has served as the director of award winning treatment facilities. The modalities used are proven to work. 

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Finding help can be overwhelming in a crisis. You are guaranteed  to be seen quickly when you reach out, at no charge, for an assessment consultation.

 Services & Programs

Addictions come from many causes so The Shore Recovery Counseling offers a tailor made care plan using proprietary methods depending on your particular issues. The Shore treats your addiction as a health related issue, and examines and helps you re-build your lifestyle to fit you. You can put your trust in The Shore. Help is here to guide you through your journey.

Integrative Therapies

An integrative approach for whole person healing is used at The Shore Recovery Counseling. This approach is better than the one used in standard alcoholism treatment.

Individual Therapy

The Shore treats addiction on a strictly private one on one basis for maximum benefit to patients

Recovery Options

At The Shore you have options for recovery that 12 step approaches used in drug rehab, simply can't offer.

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What If? 

You could learn to have and enjoy a social drink or two, to be truly 'normal', without losing control?

Success Stories

What Patients Say

"I was made to feel welcome the moment I walked in the door"- Chris S.

In recovery 3 yrs.

"I have a brand new life"-Jeff H.

In recovery 2 yrs.

"I am thoroughly convinced that coming saved my life"-Angela O.

In recovery 5 yrs. 

The Shore's Unique Promise

If you ever need  help again you can return at any time, with out cost, and get all the help you need to get back on track-guaranteed.

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