About The Shore Recovery Counseling Center

About The Shore

The Shore was founded by Michael O'Neal, LCDC-ADC III. The Shore is focused solely on solving alcoholism, addiction and addiction-related anxiety, depression, ADD and other related problems. 

From the start, the approach to care has been based in what is shown to work. Bringing to bear as many types of solutions at the same time as possible to help patients recover.  The goal at The Shore is to help  people lead normal, happy and healthy lives free of substance dependence and free of over-reliance on support groups that so often prevent a good balance in the lives of people in recovery.

Quotes From Other Professionals

"This is excellent news, I plan to buy the book (ReNova Method) for my library as soon as it comes out" -Peter A. McCullough M.D., Vice Chief of Medicine-Baylor University Medical Center


"ReNova could change everything about alcoholism recovery"- Jaye Crowder M.D., Founder Royal Creek Psychiatry


"No doubt about it, Mike is the best addiction counselor that has ever worked for me."- The late Cathern Brooks, Founder Summer Sky Inc. Treatment Center (Statement made as a part of an introduction by Ms. Brooks @ a TAAP gathering in 1995)

"What I like about Mike is that he brings a real passion as well as caring to his work "- Jerry Gaither LCDC, Clinical Director, The Shoreline Treatment Center

"Michael O'Neal, you were a HUGE asset to the program"-The Honorable Ray Wheless (Ret.) Founder of the 1st Collin County DWI/Drug Court Program.

Alcohol & Drug Counseling @ The Shore

Standard treatment in the USA hasn't changed much since 1939. This is despite an avalanche of progress in research and development of therapies for addiction, most of it conducted in leading universities right here in America.  

But, unlike most American drug addiction treatment centers, at The Shore Recovery Counseling, we embrace the use of these FDA approved/clinically researched methods. These methods produce far superior outcomes over 12 step approaches. They allow you to live balanced healthy lives without the over-reliance on support groups. They also help prevent chronic relapse and the cost of constant retreatment of your condition. Whether you are searching for alcohol treatment options or need help with a drug dependency, at The Shore you will find caring help... that helps. 

For more information on why standard treatment can fail you read:


"The Sober Truth"-Debunking The Bad Science Behind 12 Step Programs & The Rehab Industry By James Dodes MD, Harvard Professor of Psychiatry-available on Amazon.com