Addiction Free Opiate Therapy

Setting you free, not trapping you in. 

The Shore beleives that exchanging one addiction for another is not the best way to recover. That's why we use FDA approved protocols to greatly reduce or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms so you are genuinely comfortable and non-addictive anti-craving medication that you can stop anytime without complications.or further withdrawals. We use these as part of a comprehensive approach to restoring a sense of normalcy. 

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Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Embracing Change 

Embracing change shouldn't be just for clients seeking recovery. The Shore Recovery Counseling believes that drug addiction treatment centers have a responsibility to do the same.


Today's advanced models of care mean better lives for clients.

When these drug rehab techniques are used, recovery goes up, and relapse rates go down. 

The Shore Recovery Counseling is committed to the use of these FDA approved methods and medications as part of an overall recovery strategy that also leaves you free of the need for over-reliance on support groups to bolster your motivation for ongoing recovery. 

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