Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Help

Immediate Help 

When enough is enough with a drinking problem or substance abuse, waiting for help to be available is just too much. At The Shore Recovery Counseling, same-day appointments with a substance abuse counselor can be arranged if needed. The contact can start with a phone call or by booking an appointment online through the secure platform on this site. With either method, your needs will be responded to quickly and with compassion and privacy. 

Knowing What To Do

The right start to your journey back to health is critical for success. An expert evaluation by a licensed, professional substance abuse counselor (LCDC) can provide clarity about your choices and needs in order to recover from alcohol or drug abuse. Guidelines established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine will be used to determine the level and type of care that will help the most. Assistance will be provided to getting that help quickly and efficiently. There is no charge for this service. 

Confidential Help

At The Shore Recovery Counseling, your privacy is carefully guarded. From the discreet nature of our location to our encrypted electronic health records, you are safe. Many people ask who their information can be shared with? They worry that employers or other people can know that they are seeking help. And the answer is simple. ONLY those you designate in writing can be informed of anything and then only to the degree of specificity that you allow. Your insurance provider is also required to keep your treatment totally confidential.  

Get In Touch

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This practice supports the use of many types of recovery tools including the use of ant-craving medications such as Naltrexone or Vivitrol as a part of a recovery program. These medications require a lawful prescription from a medical professional. 

Services may be provided by referral to Mary Burgesser MD or healthcare professional of your choice. 

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