Integrative Therapies

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Integrative Therapies are a better approach for alcohol rehab & drug rehab because they combine several different and unlike old fashioned alcoholism treatment options and drug addiction treatment centers our complementary approaches are done at the same time, addressing addiction from every angle.

Integrative therapies restore the whole you to a state before addiction took over your life. Giving you a true second chance to get it right, knowing what you know now- that you didn't know then. The Shore offers these therapies for: 

  1. Alcoholism, with both full sobriety & alcohol moderation options

  2. Opiate problems

  3. Stimulant abuse and addiction 

  4. Benzodiazepine abuse and addiction

  5. Cannabis Abuse 

Co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, Insomnia, and other addiction-related difficulties can be treated at the same time using The Shore's model of care.