4 Benefits of Recovery

When someone is immersed in substance abuse they often imagine that life will be dull or unsatisfying without their 'companion'. All the while they are making their life and those around worse with each episode.

Recovery is good and brings many benefits that, once achieved, leave the individual wondering why they put off the effort as long as they did and wondering how they could have ever thought that a state of addiction was preferable. Here are just a few things that are beneficial about recovery:

1. Self Esteem-nothing feels better than really liking yourself and recovery will give that to you.

2. Sense of connection-a good recovery program brings a sense of connection back to you with those you love and care about.

3. Sense of hope-restoring a belief that you and your life can get better is essential to happiness.

4. Sense of wonder-One of my favorite memories was a day I stepped outside my door looking for a client who was a bit overdue for his counseling session. He was standing in the small park that was across the street from where I officed at the time. As I approached he turned around, a big smile on his face and said "Mike you know what? I just realized how good the Spring

really is". When I 1st met with him a few months prior he had told me that late at night when drinking he had thought of suicide because "what is the point...ya know?"


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