Crisis Is The Touchstone Of Recovery

The Chinese glyph for crisis is identical to the Chinese glyph for an opportunity. In reading, the meaning must be discerned by the context. The same is true of an occurrence in the lives of some addicted to alcohol or drugs. Just as no one wakes up one day and deliberately decides to become addicted, no one awakens and decides spontaneously to enter alcohol rehab or seek out drug rehab for themselves.

It is when something painful, embarrassing, abhorrent to their sense of personal morality, or when a loss such as a divorce, child custody or unemployment occurs that prompts someone to consider getting help. If the decision to seek rehab is then acted upon the very worst thing imaginable can be the beginning of a much better life than can be imagined in the throes of addiction.

But like all opportunities, there is a shelf life to the chance for change. Delay inevitably leads to further delay until all momentum for change is sapped and addiction resumes. Then it will take another crisis of equal or greater weight to prompt a reconsideration of seeking help.

If you are a loved one is in crisis the time to act is NOW. Because the next crisis can also make seeking out a substance abuse counselor or rehab impossible or irrelevant. Far too many grieving parents, spouses, and children can attest to that sad fact.


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