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For many years most treatment centers copied their substance abuse rehab program on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous along with disease education and medical care for detox. The basic goal was to get people to be medically stable and psychologically prepared for lifetime membership in either AA or its sister program Narcotics Anonymous.

But as a recent article in Psychology Today Magazine reaffirms, much progress has been made in understanding addiction to drugs and alcohol. As a result, a new generation of more effective treatments have emerged. These treatments offer hope for much better outcomes to a broader range of clients.

The ReNova Method is a 5 component combination of many of these advances in understanding and treating addiction. By combining these approaches a syngergistic effect is acheived, resulting in very high success outcomes. It is so effective that it is even able to help those with alcohol use disorders to actually return to normal social drinking, safely and permanently, if that is their choice, or achieve truly comfortable abstinence. At The Shore Recovery Counseling the ReNova Method is used exclusively and can be futher combined and tailored to meet each unique clients needs and preferances.

Today their is real hope.If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drugs you can arrange a free consultation to find out more. See the booking calendar of this site to arrange a 1st step towards better days.

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