• Michael O'Neal

Moderation Is The New Sobriety

Updated: Jul 2

All around the world people are changing their definition of alcoholism recovery. In the past, knowledge about the disease was so limited. So, back then the generally accepted thought was; in order to recover you had to stop drinking altogether. You go to AA for life and learn to live differently than everyone else you know.

Today, people are awakening ever

more to the reality that alcoholism is a disease. And that like all chronic diseases, there is something that can be done beyond faith based hope found in AA.

The most popular moderation solution, The Sinclair Method, works but, has very real and very undesirable side effects that keep about 60% of people from being able to use it.. But, for those that can, it has proven more reliable and livable than a life in which most of your spare time is spent emerged in meetings hearing people talk about how they used to drink and all the bad things that happened to them as a result.

Fortunately, ReNova Alcohol Solutions is even more effective than the Sinclair Method. And if side effects happen at all, they are mild and temporary fading in a few days at most, instead of several months like Sinclair.

The best thing about any successful moderation approach is that recovery is more enduring than with sobriety. Why? It is simple. People are more motivated to do a few simple things to be able to be normal. They find it preferable than to "go to any lengths", as AA describes it, to remain forever apart from the rest of the world where the vast majority drink normally and reasonably enjoy the experience.