ReNova Alcoholism Solutions 

A Life-Changing Breakthrough

"This is excellent news, I plan to buy the book (ReNova Method) for my library as soon as it comes out" -Peter A. McCullough M.D., Vice Chief of Medicine-Baylor University Medical Center


"ReNova could change everything about alcoholism recovery"- Jaye Crowder M.D., Founder Royal Creek Psychiatry

A Cure For Alcoholism?

What if there was a cure for alcoholism? A real one? One where an individual could go from getting drunk every time they drank alcohol (or being unable to predict would happen) to just enjoying a few drinks now and then, and easily stopping, with no desire to drink more?

What if they could also go from stressed, defensive, secretive and guilt ridden to confident, happy, and able to cope with problems without losing their ‘cool’ or withdrawing into a shell and a bottle and emerging, when drunk, as a totally different person?

And what if they could do all that without the enormous expense and inconvenience of going somewhere for 28 days and then attending AA meetings everyday of their lives making it “one-day-at-a-time”?

Well, now there is ReNova. A rebirth of hope and normalcy that works.


No matter how bad your problem with alcohol is, there is now an excellent chance it can be changed, and you can live a normal life, taking alcohol, or leaving it alone, like every other normal social drinker.

ReNova-A Breakthrough 30 Years in the Making

ITop professionals: including physicians, therapists, and counselors from 4 different treatment facilities have contributed their expertise to what became ReNova, constantly striving to improve recovery outcomes. We were never satisfied with the results of standard treatment: 1:10 recoveries long term. So these teams kept looking for ways to improve the odds. And that is how ReNova came to be. A reliable method to change drinking patterns forever.


You Don’t Have To Be Trapped By the Past Anymore


Starting today you and your loved ones can begin a new life. The dark shadows can fade away, the fears can lift, the doubts can leave and you can feel good again. Please reach out now. A free initial consultation is offered to all potential clients. Testing to determine if you or your loved one is a good candidate for this approach and a full explanation of how it works is included in the first, no charge visit. I look forward to sharing this life changing approach with you.

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The ReNova Method of Alcoholism  Solutions

Change That Lasts

ReNova Alcoholism Solutions is a highly advanced breakthrough among alcoholism treatment options. ReNova is designed for the reduction of alcohol overuse by persons with a diagnosis of moderate to severe Alcoholism. 

ReNova reduced drinking to an average of 3 drinks per episode, from an average of 9-17 drinks per episode, prior to ReNova.  

ReNova is a careful balance between several research-based and approved methods, that has a synergistic effect. 

ReNova is also among the alcoholism treatment options for permanent abstinence from alcohol and is more effective in clinical trials for that purpose than 12 step approaches.

"Thanks To ReNova, I have a brand new life."- Jeff H. Bank Director

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The Renova method

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ReNova Success Stories

Read success stories of ReNova of clients. Discover their remarkable transformations from alcoholics to normal drinkers! 

"John" 41-year-old Bank Director

"Roger" 26-year-old Actor

"Lisa" 34- year old Social Media Producer

Alcoholism Treatment Options

If you want alcoholism treatment options that really work, then the new treatment options are your best bet.

The fact is you no longer have to travel thousands of miles away from your loved ones or take time away from your obligations to heal and experience a new life. 

Perhaps you were deliberately searching using phrases like "alcohol counseling near me", or "substance abuse therapists near me."  maybe because you need local help, or you are aware of the advances of recent years. These advances actually show far better long term outcomes than old fashioned  12 step, 28-day treatments. 

These advanced alcoholism treatment programs are far less expensive and have another major advantage over the nearly century-old inpatient model: privacy. 

Substance abuse counselors /alcohol counselors are bound by privilege legally, but not treatment peers. When people have been exposed, whether a celebrity or, an at-risk professional, it has always been a peer in treatment behind that exposure. Whether for money from tabloids, spite, or even extortion, this lack of safety can ruin careers and reputations. 

The Shore's model of alcohol rehab is a totally private

one on one process. Twice weekly visits of just one hour each can help people with moderate to severe alcoholism regain their lives and safeguard their reputation/license to practice and heal their lives. 

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