Advanced Addiction Rehab 

The ReNova Method is a highly advanced form of addiction rehab that is more successful than traditional 12 step addiction treatment. 

ReNova works because it addresses all of the root causes of addiction at the same time. ReNova combines several clinically research based approaches, developed at leading universities, into an powerful integrative model for lasting recovery from alcohol (either abstinence or moderation) and drug abuse.

ReNova is a one-on-one approach between a licensed counselor and a client. ReNova is successful when used alone and can be combined with traditional support groups for those who tend to benefit from group help.  

ReNova is also appropriate for Alcohol Moderation Therapy in good candidates for that approach. In such cases ReNova reduced alcohol use to an average of 2-3 drinks per episode from a previous average of 9-21 drinks per episode before use of ReNova.


6/7 clients who used ReNova for alcohol moderation were still moderate at 12 months* with many reducing alcohol use to 1-2 drinks per episode by six months following completion of training. 

* The American Psychiatric Association defines an Alcohol Use Disorder as being in "Full Remission" in individuals after 12 months being symptom free

The ReNova Method

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This practice supports the use of many types of recovery tools including the use of ant-craving medications such as Naltrexone or Vivitrol as a part of a recovery program. These medications require a lawful prescription from a medical professional. 

Services may be provided by referral to Mary Burgesser MD or healthcare professional of your choice. 

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