The Science Of ReNova

An Alcoholism Treatment That Lasts

"This is excellent news, I plan to buy the book (ReNova Method) for my library as soon as it comes out" -Peter A. McCullough M.D., Vice Chief of Medicine-Baylor University Medical Center


"ReNova could change everything about alcoholism recovery"- Jaye Crowder M.D., Founder Royal Creek Psychiatry

Why It Works

The reason ReNova Alcoholism Solutions works so well at helping people learn to control and moderate their alcohol consumption comes down to two simple things:


  • It's made of several things that been shown to work before... but, were previously used separately, and only to help people quit drinking.

  • Once the key component of ReNova is fully effective, the other components that support it can be safely stopped, but permanent control persists. Making ReNova easier, more comfortable and more secure than the "One-day-at-a-time" approach of standard alcoholism & drug addiction treatment centers and support groups. 

ReNova's proprietary combination of FDA approved/APA approved and university researched methods are synergistic. Thats why they help you have control over your desire to drink too much, or help you to quit altogether if that is your choice. 



The advantages of ReNova's proprietary approach doesn't stop there. Because this combination of approaches is carefully balanced, ReNova:

  • Has no significant side effects, unlike other approaches, where side effects can be extreme. 

  • There is no need to count drinks, or try the use of willpower.

  • ReNova is very time management friendly, perfect in today's busy world.

  • Can be practiced anywhere you are, vacations, business travel, etc. 

  • Frees you of dependence on support groups and treatment centers for good. 

  • Relieves, stress, anxiety and depression and improves sleep quality.



It starts with addressing the biggest problem first-cravings and out of control consumption.


ReNova uses a low dose of a medication called Naltrexone (please note Naltrexone is NOT Antabuse). Naltrexone is FDA approved to help people abstain from alcohol, but unfortunately, the normal dose of Naltrexone has many side effects like:

  • Migraine headaches

  •  Loss of sex drive

  •  Emotional numbness

  • And severe nausea 


So ReNova reduces this dose and combines it with a special Amino Acid/Herbal combination. 


Each of the ingredients of the Amino Acid/Herbal blend have been well researched at leading universities. Including the University of Texas- Department of Behavioral Science. They have been found to be safe and effective at reducing the desire to consume alcohol.  

So, the medication/blend formula combination avoids the side effects of the normal dose of Naltrexone but, provides the same effective reduction in the desire to drink. 

This medication and blend formula are discontinued when the final component of ReNova is fully effective. 

Next, ReNova puts an end to the cycle of drinking to relieve stress and anxiety, or because of depression or sleep problems. 

This is accomplished by use of a prescription medical device. This device is designed to relax you and increase the intensity of what is called the Alpha Brain frequency.


Alcoholism has been shown to decrease the strength of this brain wave cycle, creating problems like:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Poor Sleep


Or making these things worse than before. 


As these problems fade away the drive to drink is further reduced. The sense of pleasure from consuming smaller amounts of alcohol also returns, making it easier to feel satisfied. 

Like the medication/blend formula combination, the use of this medical device is discontinued as the final aspect of ReNova becomes fully effective. 

The final and most important component of ReNova is a special mental exercise clients are taught to do for themselves. 

This exercise combines 3 proven principles of psychology into a single component:

  • Operant Conditioning-otherwise known as Pavlovian Conditioned Response Training

  • Guided Imagery Training

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy

Through the use of operant conditioning, clients learn to teach their brains to associate the reduced desire for alcohol and the reduced state of stress/anxiety/depression with the mental exercise itself. That is accomplished through the use of the guided imagery component.


Once these things have been thoroughly associated with the mental exercise, the medication and device can be safely stopped and the effect will be the same. And, two year follow ups show that once acquired and ingrained, this effect is permanent. You will always have a tool to control and regulate your drinking with ease. 


The Gestalt Psychotherapy exercise is used by clients to get rid of feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and self-directed anger.


This prevents an age-old problem for people with a history of overdrinking-self sabotage. Using Gestalt in this manner is totally private and leaves it up to the client what, if anything, they want to share with a counselor or others- while still solving the problem.

Being free of the burden of old heavy feelings also lifts depression, boosts self-esteem and morale. It can help you in the movement towards a new a better life. 

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Advantages Over Other Methods

How ReNova Works