J. David Sinclair, PH. D.


The Sinclair Method. 

If, like many, you have tried the Sinclair Method, but couldn't tolerate the side effects, don't give up! The ReNova Method, using the same principle (operant conditioning), but a different method, can give you the same good results, but without any side effects. 

The world owes a tremendous debt to David Sinclair for his bravery, insight, and compassion in the treatment of alcoholism. Leaving the United States for Finland in 1972 to freely pursue his work, Sinclair proved that the mechanism within the brain that triggered an alcoholic response could be changed, and compulsive overuse could be extinguished. 

Like many innovators his findings, while important unto themselves, also laid the groundwork. A new generation of developments, have lead to further improvements. 

Today, even as his approach is becoming a standard treatment throughout the world, promising new therapies that take us further long are now available. 

The ReNova Method, builds on his insight and has the capacity to not only reverse alcoholism by the same principle, it can also relieve the chronic anxiety, depression, and insomnia that often plague people who have an alcohol use disorder. This leads to better stress management, an improved outlook, and stable moods and reactions. 

And in another improvement The ReNova Method shows results sooner and in a more predictable manner for most people. 

ReNova results can be seen in as little as 8-9 days with full results seen in 12 weeks v. 21 days as earliest results for Sinclair and 6 mo. for full results. 

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This practice supports the use of many types of recovery tools including the use of ant-craving medications such as Naltrexone or Vivitrol as a part of a recovery program. These medications require a lawful prescription from a medical professional. 

Services may be provided by referral to Mary Burgesser MD or healthcare professional of your choice. 

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